Welcome to Chiringuito Meher Alivio

Whether you are new to the Costa del Sol or a long standing costa bum, one thing is true, the Costa del Sol has changed a lot in the last 30 years.

The "Original Chiringuito" or "Beach Bar" is practically an extinct species these days and that is why Chiringuito Meher Alivio in Estepona is such a rare and unique experience.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fair Weather Friends

Hi to Everyone, these are some fotos of

you all taken over the weekend.

We want you all to know that we open from Tuesday thru to Sunday now.

We start serving food from 1:30 pm but are open for drinks at 12:30 pm.

Have a look at some of these creatures and see if you can guess who they belong to!!!

These boys mean the business, not to be messed with!

Can anything be cooler than this Bactrian beauty, any guesses???

Princess Jamila graces us with her company this weekend!


"Yeah man............... we like the wind in our hair ".

"No, I'm not sleepy...............just closing my eyes for a moment".

"Oh yes........that nice warm sand makes just the perfect blanket".

In fair or foul weather, we stick together!

"No,no, no,,,,,,,,,, I did not cheat at Dominos, as if ????????

"Pink is my favorite, but green is nice too" !

"Matilda and Emma prefer blue".

Gema and her friends from Mexico and Galicia

with their two pet chiwawas!

"Ummmmmmmm ........ these strawberry daiquiris ".

Pedro with Patrick and Luis (l to r)

"Looking good boys "

Two beautiful ladies in the Pink!!!

Brian and Susie with Kenneth and friends, no wind, nor rain, can stop them from coming to have lunch at the chiringuito!

Lisa couldn't resist giving this little guy a cuddle!

Daan, Lucia, and Marta chilling at the bar!

Susie with her Dad, Kenneth, lovin it!

Pauline was really glad to find us again, us too!

Heidi and Tim with their two lovely labs,

Rocco and Polly, we love ya guys!!!!

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Owned and operated by Miriam and Pedro, one visit to this Chiringuito and you can be sure it will not be your last. This is the real thing for real people who want to enjoy a laid back informal beach vibe, good healthy food, great drinks and fantastic unspoilt views of the Marbella Mountain "La Concha", Gibraltar, and North Africa.

Playa del Castor, is a long beach where you can enjoy long walks, swimming, sun bathing, wind surfing, jet skiing, kite surfing and just being. This Chiringuito is hidden away and you will probably not find it unless someone guides you there.

The turn off is at km. 160 off the N340, coming from Marbella, but if you miss it, make the Cambio de Sentido at Laguna Vilage, get back onto the main road, then come off again at the very next turn off about 50 meters on to your right.

There are no signs posted except the ones that say "acceso publico a la playa, Playa del Castor." Before you even see the beautiful Med, or the beach bar, you first have to drive along a track bordered by tall canes which line a fresh water lagoon. After about 50 meters you finally see the beautiful sea scape and this magical Chiringuito.

The food is simple and good (and prices are very reasonable). You will probably find it surprising to see Miriam's famous Onion Bhaji's on this chiringuito's Menu, but they fit right in with her delicious Cocktails and the best Mojitos.

Probably the most unique feature about this beach bar is the canine clients. As all pets are welcome, more often than not, the canines outnumber the human clientele as most clients bring along all their pets which are numerous indeed.

Far from this being a problem, it has become one of the reasons that most locals choose this Chiringuito over others and there is always a big bowl full of fresh water for the dogs to drink from and Miriam hands out doggie biscuits to most of the four legged friends. Horses are favorites at this place too!

Feel free to contact Miriam and Pedro to arrange for your private parties or celebrations. Their full moon and theme parties are very popular. Recently there seems to be a real demand for this Chiringuito as a venue for wedding celebrations too!